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 Least favorite movies/tv shows

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PostSubject: Re: Least favorite movies/tv shows   Mon Jun 01, 2015 4:57 pm

Duchess Satine Kenobi wrote:
Did any of you ever see the live action Cat in the Hat film? Doug Walker recently did a "real thoughts" video on it which brought that movie back to memory.

It's one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Maybe even the worst. Even as a kid I didn't like it. I was majorly freaked out by most of it, and it was just altogether unpleasant. Everything was so freaky and this weird man dressed as a weird cat looking thing was screaming stuff and . . . yeah. It was bad.

I'm glad that the NC reviewed it (as well as gave his "real thoughts" about it . . . which weren't that surprising, but were still hilarious). His reviews make me glad that I can at least get SOMETHING good out of bad movies.

I never saw the film, fortunately. I did see both the NC review and his "Real Thoughts" on it.

I don't really even know if I would have liked this movie or not. I was pretty easy to please as a kid and there were few movies I actually didn't like, whether they scared me or just bored me.


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Least favorite movies/tv shows
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