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 New Fanfics!

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PostSubject: New Fanfics!   Fri Jul 10, 2015 11:58 pm

Well, I haven't posted a fic on here in about three years, but I have still been writing! I hardly wrote a thing during 2013/14 and then I have written a LOT in the last seven months.

Memories a oneshot where Ahsoka takes up photography during the war.

Remembrance, a fic set in the same universe as Memories, and takes place six years after Revenge of the Sith. Sort of a "superhero origin story" for Fulcrum.

These Bonds Will Break Us, a Rebels fic set between Call to Action and Rebel Resolve, when Kanan was captured by the Inquisitor.

Something Old, Something New, an Avengers fic (!!! look at me, branching out) set after Age of Ultron, exploring how Tony might have dealt with losing JARVIS and gaining the Vision.

Failsafe, a oneshot that takes place during the first Avengers movie. Clint told Loki everything while he was being mind- controlled- did he tell him about his children?

and finally, Not Just a Number, another clone wars fic, dealing with what the clones under General Krell's harsh command would have been like.

If you have any new fics, post them here!
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New Fanfics!
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