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 Two, um, death scenes. Of the same character.

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PostSubject: Two, um, death scenes. Of the same character.   Sun Aug 14, 2011 6:54 pm


It was hard to tell what time it was. The trees shaded the sky, only glimpses of light slipping though. Down below, a group of people hiked through the trees, dressed in camouflage. This group was led by none other that General Han Solo, who would've thought the mission was pointless a few years ago. Nonetheless, he led the group now with determination into a battle with Ewoks against the Empire.

Leia Organa, last princess of Alderaan and love interest of General Solo, was one of the people that followed General Solo in his plan to blow up the base located on Endor. But something went wrong, and the group was ambushed, causing a blaster fights between them. The Princess, faced scrunched up as she shot, noticed the General winking at her. She smiled back, saying something about winning this war, when she fell back onto the ground.

The General was puzzled, not sure what happened or where she had gone. Looking down, he saw her sprawled out, a painful, shocked expression on her face. Uncertainty and fear pumped through his veins as he ran towards her, screaming out her name.

She struggled to spit something out but gave up. Kneeling down, he asked her quickly if she was all right as her face paled. His eyes scurried down towards her abdomen, blood seeping from it going down her side and collecting in a pool. Instantly, he knew it was too late: there were no medical units nearby and judging by her size she was loosing too much blood. A weak hand stretched out, and she whispered to him that she loved before falling back and closing her eyes.

Not willing to let her go, General Solo still felt a faint pulse in her. He took her in his arms and rushed away, getting shot in the shoulder as he ran. By the time he stopped, it was no use. The shallow breathing that had belonged to her had been silenced. Ignoring the searing pain in his shoulder, he attempted to revive her, but the gesture had been in vain.

Hot tears spilled out of his eyes as he snapped them closed, his fingers dragging his blaster from the holster to his head. A soldier noticed and quickly came over, trying to comfort the General as he yanked the blaster away. General Solo ignored the soldier and placed his head on her breast, weeping for their past and what could've been.

And the only thing that could be seen for miles was his blood from is arm and hers from the fatal gunshot mingled and staining not only his shirt, but his heart.

I Will Always Love You

It really wasn't that long ago. Only last week, they had sprawled out in a grassy area they had found, staring up at the sky. She whispered in his ear, I wish we could just fly without a ship, without focusing on war.

He nodded silently, smiling weakly. It would be nice, wouldn't it? he had said to her. Rolling over on his belly, he gave her a tender kiss, backing up when he was done and admiring her beautiful face.

Is that it? she joked, stretching her neck out to kiss him again. Her fingers found their way to the usual spot in his hair, leaving him to wonder if she did it subconsciously. His arms were wrapped tightly around her. She had found entrance into his mouth, gently rubbing his tongue with hers. This kiss wasn't anything physical; that's all they did. The sun beat down on the couple who just sat there, wrapped in each other's arms.

When they had gotten home and fell asleep, she had woken up, complaining about a headache. He didn't think much about it, and told her to take a pill and go to sleep. She did what he did, but she got up again complaining about her head again. Once again, he didn't think about it, ignoring her this time. He listened to her light footsteps, which seemed unsteady before she collapsed. His heart stopped when he heard the bump and the lack of footsteps before jumping out of bed and shaking her, trying to get her awake from her apparent lack of unconsciousness. Picking her up and clutching her body close, he rushed her to a medical unit.

Here they were, a week later, her eyes glassy and incomprehensive as she stared up at the ceiling. A tear slid out of his eye, whispering, Don't leave me. For just that moment, she heard what he said. Her eyes shifted over to him and she gave a wobbly smile and whispered, I'll always be with you.

Two more tears streamed down his cheeks and fell onto the bed. Don't cry, she told him, trying to reach her hand up and wipe his tears away.

Don't, he told her, squeezing her other hand tighter.

She stopped and stared up at him for what seemed like hours. I love you. His throat tightened as her breathing became shallower than what it was before.

Countless numbers of tears streaked down his face as he choked out, I love you too. Smiling softly again, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath before going limp.

His eyes snapped shut as the whole world faded into black around him. Pressing her hand tightly onto his cheek, he sobbed for his lost love. A hand touched his shoulder, a voice accompanying it with sincerest apologies. It didn't matter to him; it wouldn't bring her back. Even as the voice tried to sooth him, he wouldn't let go of her hand. He felt that if he did, she would vanish before her eyes with all of her belongings.

It overwhelmed him. He couldn't do it. The unknown illness that struck her had stolen her away, leaving him heartbroken. He couldn't go back into their house and see all her clothes and possessions. He couldn't go and tell his kids, who were away at a friend's house during this time. He couldn't go to the funeral and see her lifeless body lying in an undeserving coffin.

Feeling dizzy, he laid his head on her arm, bringing her wrist up to his fingers to check for a pulse even though there was none. The vain attempts to see if she was still alive didn't bring her back to him.

As her coffin entered the ground, all he could see was a dark, black world devoid of any happiness.
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PostSubject: Re: Two, um, death scenes. Of the same character.   Mon Aug 15, 2011 12:51 pm

Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
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PostSubject: Re: Two, um, death scenes. Of the same character.   Tue Aug 16, 2011 1:21 pm

Very, very sad. Crying or Very sad But well-written. You're a very descriptive writer. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Two, um, death scenes. Of the same character.   

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Two, um, death scenes. Of the same character.
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