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 Request a Graphic

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Padme's Japor Snippet
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PostSubject: Request a Graphic   Thu Sep 29, 2011 3:06 pm

So I thought it'd be good to have a topic where we can just post what we want and have anyone accept the challenge. As many people as want to can submit their work, and the person who requested it can pick which one they want to use. Smile I'd like a Padme and Leia banner for my new blog A Queen and a Princess, with the title in a scrolling font and a pinkish-orangish or bluish-purplish color scheme (basically, sunrise or sunset- wow, I didn't realize that at first!). I love a lot of the costumes worn by everyone's favorite Star Wars ladies, but please, no pictures of Leia in her slave outfit or Padme in anything revealing cleavage or tummy. Thanks! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Can someone make me a banner?   Fri Oct 14, 2011 11:25 am

I can supply the pictures, I just need someone to blend them together nicely. Cool
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PostSubject: Re: Request a Graphic   Fri Oct 14, 2011 4:39 pm

I'll make you a banner!! Email me your pictures at cbcfangirl@gmail.com

If you have enough, I usually make banners with 6-8 pictures.
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PostSubject: Re: Request a Graphic   

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Request a Graphic
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