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 Finnick- Mutts and Tridents

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PostSubject: Finnick- Mutts and Tridents   Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:14 am

Whoot!!! I refuse to believe Finnick died.... This is what I think really happened!!!!! Hope you like it!!

Start flashback "Katniss!" I shout, hurrying over to her. "They won't let me go! I told them I'm fine, but they won't even let me ride in the hovercraft!"
Katniss stares at me for a long moment, and for a minute I'm certain she'll take my side and convince Plutarch to let me go. Then she suddenly smacks her forehead. "Oh, I forgot," she says. "It's this stupid concussion. I was supposed to tell you to report to Beetee in Special Weaponry. He's designed a new trident for you."
At the word trident, all my panic about going with Katniss disappears from my mind. "Really?" I say happily. "What's it do?"
"I don't know. But if it's anything like my bow and arrows, you're going to love it. You'll need to train with it, though."
Train with my new trident. This sounds like a fabulous idea to me. Maybe, if I can show Plutarch and Coin that I'm well enough to use my signature weapon, they'll let me out of the hospital for good. Actually, now that I think about it, I think I remember Nurse Everdeen telling me that they'd assigned me quarters a few days ago. I'll have to look into that. "Right. Of course. I guess I better get down there." I turn to leave.
"Finnick?" Katniss says. "Maybe some pants?"
I look down. I'm still in my hospital gown and slippers. No wonder people keep looking at me like I'm crazy. Irritated by this thought, I rip off the gown, leaving me in only my boxer shorts. I see Katniss' eyebrows rise. "Why?" I ask, striking a ridiculous pose. "Do you find this... distracting?"
Katniss gives a peal of laughter. The stern man beside her just looks uncomfortable. Behind them, the elevator doors open. "I'm only human, Odair," Katniss grins.
After getting directions from a pair of stern, gray-suited District 13 soldiers – who are significantly nicer to me once they see the "Mentally Disoriented" band at my wrist – I proceed down to meet Beetee in the Special Weaponry sector. I am very excited about this trident that he's making for me, partially because I enjoy shiny new things, and mostly because it will provide me with an excellent distraction to keep my mind off of Annie.
Beetee is still in his wheelchair when I arrive, and he hurries me through a bunch of overly elaborate security measures into the Special Weaponry room. The walls are lined with all sorts of cool gadgets, along with a couple of high-tech bows that Katniss must have drooled over. Beetee walks over to an opaque cabinet and opens it up. Inside is a single, gleaming gold and silver trident.
"It's beautiful," I say, reaching out to run my fingers reverently along the smooth metal. "You've outdone yourself."
"That's not all I've done," Beetee chuckles, gesturing for me to lift it off its prongs and hand it to him. Once it's settled in his lap, he grabs a wrist cuff and hands it to me. "Put this on," he urges. It's made of rubber and metal, and has several buttons that must correspond with the trident.
We head to the archery range, and he shows me how, by pressing the largest button, my trident will return to me from wherever I've thrown it. Since there isn't exactly a rope hanging out the end, I have no idea how Beetee accomplished this. He rambles about electromagnetic fields for a few minutes, then shows me what else the trident can do.
And I have to tell you, this trident is easily the most remarkable weapon I've ever laid hands on. If I'd had this thing in the arena... let's just say that it would have been less of a game, and more of a slaughter. It can heat up so hot that the prongs glow like embers. It can charge with electricity to deliver a nasty shock to whatever it hits. And it responds to my voice alone – well, and Beetee's, I suppose – and it actually adjusts its balance to fit my unique physical makeup. You can even detach the prongs individually to use as knives, although I can't imagine a situation where I'd prefer daggers to this amazing trident.
Then Beetee takes the trident and shows me a circular groove around the middle of the shaft. It's so fine that I would never have noticed it if he didn't point it out. "The shaft is in two sections," Beetee explains. "If you give the two halves a sharp twist in opposite directions, you will trigger the trident's emergency feature."
"Emergency feature?" I start to twist the two halves, but Beetee clamps a hand down on my arm before I can proceed.
"Do not do that," Beetee snaps, and I don't think I've ever seen him this serious. Not even in the arena. "You are only to twist that trident if you have no other option."
"What will happen?"
"It will release a shockwave that will obliterate every living thing within three meters of you. As long as you've got both hands on the trident, you'll be grounded and it won't kill you. But it will hurt, and it will probably injure you as well. I've never done a human test – no one wants to volunteer. So, to repeat, you only use the emergency feature if you are surrounded by enemies with no hope of escape, on the brink of death and with nothing to lose. Understand me?"
I stare down at this deadly device that Beetee has created. "Got it," I nod. "I'm assuming you made it so that I can't accidentally twist the thing?"
"It's screwed very tightly," Beetee agrees. "You'll have to use all your strength to activate it."
"Right." I store this information away for safe keeping. "You think I'll ever have to use it?"
"I sincerely hope not," Beetee says. "I wasn't even going to include it at first, but I... to be honest, you're one of the only friends I have that is still alive. I'd like to keep you that way."
I've known the old inventor for a few years now, and I know that he's not exactly one to get emotional. So instead of thanking him profusely, I just say, "I really appreciate this, Beetee."
He smiles and nods. "I thought you might."
End flashback

I sink my trident into another mutt, then pull it out with a squelching noise and dodge through my companions towards Katniss. When I reach her, I grab her around the waist and haul her up in the air. She kicks and squirms as I shove her against the ladder, holding her there until she grabs the rungs. "Climb!" I bellow at her, and after what feels like an eternity, she finally starts to ascend the ladder.
I look around to see who's still alive. Pollux and Katniss are up the ladder. Cressida is hurrying towards me. Peeta and Gale are valiantly holding back the onslaught, but we're running out of time. Are there truly only six of us left? "Go!" I say to Cressida when she runs up to me, panting. I help her up the first few rungs, and then she's out of sight. "Peeta!" I shout, grabbing the kid's collar so he pays attention. I point at the ladder. He nods and starts to climb.
Now it's just Gale and I left. The river of sewage is stained red with blood, and dozens of mutt corpses float off on the slow current. Still more are coming out of the pipe, though, and it's all Gale and I can do to hold them back.
I glance at Gale. Young, strong, determined. Too young to die, before he's experienced all that life has to offer. And then his face is replaced by Annie's. She smiles at me sadly, knowing what I'm about to do. "I'm sorry," I mouth silently.
"You go!" I roar at Gale. "I'll hold them off!"
Gale spares a moment to throw me a poisonous look.
There's no time to argue. "You really want to leave Peeta to keep Katniss alive?"
He scowls.
"I didn't think so," I snap. "You got any more explosive arrows?"
I stab at a mutt. It rears back, away from the prongs of my trident, and splashes down into the sewage. Then I look up. The ladder leads up to a narrow metal platform, where another ladder goes up to another platform, and then again up to a third platform. I can just make out the square of light at the top, where Pollux must have opened a grate to climb out.
"Use them," I shout. "Make a wall. We can use the time while they're recovering from the blasts to climb. Oh, and you're going first."
Gale somehow manages to glare at me while at the same time putting an arrow through a mutt's neck. "I told you, Odair, I'm not—"
"Just fire the arrows!" I scream at him.
Gale shuts up and fires the arrows. He aims them for mutts scrambling up the wall towards us, and the resulting explosions succeed in either killing or knocking back the mutts. Even so, we have maybe twenty seconds before they regroup and come after us again. I turn towards Gale, expecting that I'll have to shove him up the ladder like I did to Katniss, but he's already halfway up the ladder. I hurry after him. He's a quick climber, faster than me, but I've got the muscular endurance to keep up. We've just reached the third and last platform, with only one ladder left to climb, when I hear the hisses of "Katniss" mere feet below me. I get a few rungs up the ladder, and then teeth close around my ankle.
So this is it. How I'm going to die. Even as I turn and drive my trident downwards, dislodging the mutt from my leg, I know it's hopeless. Someone is shining a light down from above, and I can see the ladders swarming with mutts. If only they didn't climb so fast...
I glance up, see Gale reach the exit hatch. A mutt closes its fangs on my leg, trying to tug me downward. Then another leaps up, sinking its teeth into my thigh. A third snags my sleeve, and together they pull at me, dragging me towards my doom.
Then the most peculiar thing happens. It's like everything suddenly goes into slow motion. I feel claws raking my back, and then jaws tighten in my hair, pulling my head back. As my eyes move up, I suddenly meet Katniss' gaze, and for the briefest of moments, it's like I'm in her head, our minds melding into one. I see a little girl kneeling in the dirt, hugging a dirty, bedraggled goat. A much younger Peeta, handing her a burnt loaf of bread. Gale, hunting with her in the forest. Peeta, holding her tightly in the cave. My view of Katniss is suddenly replaced with the hideous face of a mutt. Its teeth are bared, and it rears back to deliver the death bite. And in those brief milliseconds I have before my demise, I let go of the ladder, grip Beetee's special trident tightly in my hands, and twist.

Yay!! Tell me what you think!! I'll post one more chapter about how he survived and what happened after that!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Finnick- Mutts and Tridents   Sat Feb 04, 2012 2:48 pm

Oh Finnick... how I love him. loveyoda That was SO GREAT!!!! FINNICK! (he's my favorite, if you've noticed Razz)
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PostSubject: Re: Finnick- Mutts and Tridents   Sat Feb 04, 2012 4:21 pm

Yes, I know!!! I wrote this for people who loooove Finnick....
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Finnick- Mutts and Tridents
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