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 After the Attack

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Ahsoka Tano


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PostSubject: After the Attack   Sat Mar 17, 2012 4:59 pm

After the Attack

Obi-Wan Kenobi stepped off the ramp with relief as hit feet hit the platform. The feeling of real ground, or as close as Coruscant could come, beneath your feet would never feel better.

“Master Obi-Wan,” Ahsoka Tano said, coming up to him with a solemn expression. “Is he--?”

“Yes, Darth Maul is alive.” Obi-Wan said, rubbing his beard.

“Then the rumors are true.” Anakin Skywalker mumbled bitterly. This was hurting him as much as it was Obi-Wan. Within the short time he had known Qui-Gon; he had grown attached to him. This happened to Anakin a lot.

“What are we going to do?” Ahsoka asked quietly, unsure of what would happen with two hurting Masters to reply.

“First, we send a report to the Jedi council, and then I get off this scum-ridden planet.” Asajj Ventress said, taking a comfortable stance behind Obi-Wan.

“What’s she doing here?!” Ahsoka questioned, placing a hand wearily on her lightsaber, fingers twitching, ready for the Asajj’s slightest misstep to become her death.

“It’s alright Ahsoka,” Obi-Wan assured her. “Ventress and I have made… a temporary truce.” “The word temporary is still involved.” Ahsoka muttered under her breath. “Believe me, neither of us had a choice in the matter.” Asajj said, fingers drumming against her side. “Hairless harpy,” “Brat,” “Stop, both of you.” Anakin interrupted. “I don’t take orders from you, Skywalker.” Asajj sneered.

“I understand that,” Anakin said, truthfully finding it offensive. “But if we get into a fight, it won’t be pleasant for any of us.”

“Fine, I’ll put my differences aside as long as the youngling doesn’t talk to me.”

“As long as it works both ways,” Ahsoka agreed, arms crossed in front of her chest. “

Obi-Wan, quickly avoiding the subject, asked, “How long do you plan to stay?”

“Only long enough to get off this planet.” Asajj said.

Good, the sooner the better, Ahsoka thought.

“I’m going to speak with the council.” Anakin murmured darkly, obviously upset by the whole situation.

Ahsoka felt the bond between her and Anakin shiver and shot Obi-Wan a concerned glace. The Master nodded. Rushing after the already far away Anakin, silence incased Ahsoka and Asajj.

Anxiety began to get the better of Ahsoka and the feeling of conviction fell upon her. “Look,” She sighed. “I don’t think I’m fully ready to trust you, but I’m willing to start anew if you want.” She offered a hand to shake. “For Master Kenobi’s sake,”

The older woman studied Ahsoka and then shook the hand. “Alright,”

“Welcome to Coruscant,” Ahsoka said as a now arguing Anakin and Obi-Wan approached them.

“The council wants to see us.” Obi-Wan said, Anakin glaring at him. “All of us.”

“And idea of what they want?” Ahsoka asked.

“Well, aren’t you just full of questions,” Asajj rolled her eyes, but regretted it.

“They want us―all of us― to―”

“It doesn’t matter;” Obi-Wan interrupted. “It’s not going to happen anytime soon. But keep within contact range, Ventress, they want you there.”

Asajj nodded and boarded the shuttle, leaving the three behind.

“Do you think she’s changed?” Anakin asked.

Ahsoka closed her eyes and used her feelings. “I think, maybe she has.”

The End

Soooo, what do you think?
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After the Attack
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