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 Vestara Khai's Fanfiction

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PostSubject: Vestara Khai's Fanfiction   Wed Apr 25, 2012 3:38 pm

I've noticed others post their fanfics, so I decided why not? I've completed this story, but I don't want to post everything all at once. Here's the prologue to my fanfic about a few OC's. The prologue is just canon characters though. Smile


Anakin Solo peered at the sand of Kashyyyk through his dead eyes. A bizarre sensation chilled his skin and he visibly shivered. That was a contributing factor as to why he thought something wasn't right, the fact he could feel as if he were mortal again.

Images began to flash in his mind; images from the past, but a scene he had never witnessed. The trees were flaming, the lands…burning, and even the Wookiees were dead or scorched. His heart felt heavy and tears began trying to force themselves through his eyes, but he kept them concealed.

A presence emerged behind him and he turned to look into the golden eyes of his elder brother, Jacen. "What happened here? Why was anguish brought upon them?"

"We'll discuss these matters later, Anakin, for now it remains as something you're not prepared to learn." Jacen merely replied.

He still thinks of me as a child, of course, but I'll never change his mind. Instead of carrying on with the topic he changed it, "Why do I feel something is uncanny? The fact I can feel again, sensations before I died, it isn't correct."

"You fail to heed what's right in front of you. You are mortal again." Jacen said irritably.

Anakin was at a loss for words. He wasn't supposed to have the ability to become mortal again. He was dead, had died long ago. Why was he any different from the rest who had died? What made him important enough to be resurrected?

"Oh you dummy, you're standing upon the Viridity Shard." Jacen said as if reading Anakin's mind.

Anakin stepped back and examined a shard that looked as if it had once belonged to a mirror and was coated with green paint. "Viridity Shard, huh; what exactly is it? If you knew where it was, why didn't you use it?"

"Did anyone ever tell you that you ask far too many questions? The Viridity Shard is a shard from a mirror that had once belonged to a Nightsister named Zephira. The use of their so called magic caused the shard to become enchanted, if you will. It allows one to become resurrected for a day, and then the Shard is relocated. During the time one has been resurrected, the shard vaporizes." Jacen explained.

Anakin pondered over his explanation for a few moments, and then came to realization that he hadn't told him why the shard was coated in a green color. Perhaps it wasn't important? No, if it wasn't then it wouldn't be painted in the first place. "Why is it green?"

"Frankly, I've never comprehended that myself or come across it in reading. Doesn't matter though, you must get going before your time runs out, Little Brother. You've only gotten twenty three standard hours left of resurrection." Jacen said hurriedly.

"Where am I supposed to go though?" Anakin asked.

"Tahiri's on Coruscant, go knock yourself out…not literally either." Jacen said and a grin formed across his face, it seemed out of place, yet so familiar.

"Why would I knock myself out literally? Sounds more like something you'd do during your teenage years." Anakin responded with a mock grin.

"Alright, enough of that; go find Tahiri." Jacen responded.

"Tahiri," Anakin asked in a whisper once he found the apartment Tahiri was currently living at.

There was a snap-hiss of a lightsaber activating and the blade was pointed to his throat the moment he had emerged into the room. The blue light illuminated his face, as well as Tahiri's. She was more beautiful than he had remembered her. The perfect halo of golden curls, green eyes filled with determination, and the woman he had fallen in love with over the years. "Who are you and how did you manage to find yourself here?" She demanded.

"Anakin Solo and I could find you anywhere if I was determined enough." Anakin responded.

"Anakin Solo is dead though…" She looked into his eyes and deactivated her lightsaber. "It's just not possible…"

"I didn't think it was either, Tahiri. It was only with the help of something called the Viridity Shard that resurrected me. It's only for a day though, and I wanted to spend it with you." He said candidly.

She tossed her lightsaber onto a sofa nearby and wrapped her arms tightly around him, "You may spend the day with me at any point in time whether you're alive or deceased. Okay? Today I shall do anything you desire seeing as our time is limited and we haven't seen each other in years."

"I'm not one for deciding on activities. Perhaps you should select how our day is planned?" He said.

She looked at him once again, noticing he looked much older than when he had died, but nonetheless still held the beauty of her lover and best friend. She implanted a kiss upon his lips, and then withdrew, "I have something very important planned."

He waited patiently without questioning; knowing she would continue since she couldn't keep quiet about anything.

"I'm going to catch you up on events you missed, explore a bit of Coruscant, return here, and then I'm going to seduce you." She said bluntly.

"Same Tahiri, talking so much she forgets when to stop and spoils surprises," He said with a wink.

Tahiri grinned, "Just wanted to keep you in suspense, Dummy. "

"I must say, your plans sound exceedingly brilliant; not sure about the ending though, doesn't seem like something I'd be interested in," He said with a lopsided grin.

"Well, we never got a chance to plan a future together, now it's the future. We've got limited time and one night. Deal or leave it out?" She responded.

Anakin embraced her, "I'll take you up on that deal, but you're making me feel like I'm my brother instead y'know."

"How so," She asked curiously.

"I seem to be following in his footsteps. Allowing myself to be seduced by the woman I love, but I won't have to worry about falling to the dark side." He responded.

"He told you about that? Maybe you're already aware of half the stuff I'd intended to catch you up on." She said.

Anakin arose shortly after he'd fallen asleep next to his beloved best friend and lover. He gazed at her for long, savoring moments, etching her into his memories. He placed a gentle kiss upon her forehead and slowly transformed back into the Force Ghost he had been, "Goodbye Tahiri. Remember I will always love you."
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PostSubject: Re: Vestara Khai's Fanfiction   Wed May 02, 2012 5:26 pm

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*faints again*

You are the best. Ever. Can't wait for more! Very Happy ;D
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PostSubject: Re: Vestara Khai's Fanfiction   Thu May 03, 2012 6:36 pm

Many thanks. Glad you like it. Very Happy

Here's Chapter One:

Chapter One: 20 Years Later

Anakin Veila was reviewing his notes over Force philosophies, examining articles on the holonet and descriptions in books carefully. His ice blue eyes quickly slid across every word as they had been for the past three standard hours. He was becoming restless from days of studying and glanced at his wrist-chrono. "Not even time for lunch, this is growing to be exceedingly irritating." He muttered to himself.

The doors abruptly slid apart and a familiar presence entered the room. Her silver eyes penetrating him and her long, black hair neatly pulled back. "I swear if you keep changing the passcode on that door I'm going to make you suffer the Embrace of Pain!"

Anakin grinned, "Nice to see you too, Vorexa. As I've explained to you various times I change it to keep people away while I'm studying."

"Yes, yes, you've told me. It's absolutely urgent you hear this though." Vorexa said hurriedly.

"Couldn't you have just commed me?" He asked.

"Anakin, stop making everything complex and listen for once. As a matter of fact, I did comm you, four times." She said and Anakin gave a look of guilt, "Anyway, your mother did a fine job of naming you and your twin."

Anakin didn't comprehend what she was getting at. Vorexa took notice and heaved a sigh, "His namesake! He's following the same path as his namesake!"

Anakin was startled at this news. His heart felt heavy and he was at a loss for words.

He finally regained his voice, "We've got to prevent this from happening."

"If it isn't already too late," Vorexa retorted and laid a hand on her elegantly constructed lightsaber hilt.

The two quickly exited the room and raced down the corridor. Anakin suddenly came to a stop and Vorexa almost ran into him. Instead of saying something bitter as she usually would have, she remained silent, patiently waiting for her best friend's explanation.

"Where is he?" He simply said.

"Just outside, awaiting repairs to his StealthX to be completed so he may visit the planet of Korriban." Vorexa responded.

Anakin placed a hand on his lightsaber hilt only to find Vorexa's hand placed upon his. "You can't do that. You can't kill your own brother just because of a decision he may not even choose to continue following through with."

"I never said anything about killing him. Simple threats can't cause any harm unless he's already willing to kill me." He said.

Vorexa removed her hand from his, her eyes holding a look of dread. She didn't question him further, but it was obvious she was still unsettled.

"I might not return you know? He could kill me at any second." Anakin said as if the conversation needed to go any farther.

He might not return. One of the brothers will be killed. If only I'd kept my mouth shut…no, if I had much worse could happen. He's tempting me. oh him for being so incredibly attractive. His gorgeous ice blue eyes, his smooth, dark brown hair…and his mock smile that occurs so often. No…he's my best friend...it would be utter chaos if…if…

She allowed her thoughts to be shoved aside and forced back tears from the thought of losing her best friend. She implanted a soft kiss against his lips, luckily he didn't retreat, but instead returned a more passionate kiss.

"I promise…whatever happens, you will always be my heart and life, Vorexa." He whispered.

With that, he had vanished, leaving Vorexa to stare after him. He was going to find his brother, and she hoped neither would be killed. When Anakin returned, the two of them would begin to increase the construction of their newly found bond.
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PostSubject: Re: Vestara Khai's Fanfiction   

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Vestara Khai's Fanfiction
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