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 Love in the Sith Temple

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PostSubject: Love in the Sith Temple   Wed Jul 18, 2012 3:35 am

POV: Atina Skirata

So I wrote this over a period of 6 months, so the past tense and present tense may be mixed up!!

I walk into the Sith Temple, parking my X-Wing in their hanger. If my master found out, I was dead meat, but Ace was driving me up the walls. It was worth it. I decided that it would be a safe bet that staying in the hanger bay would be the safest thing to do. But I wasn't a regular 18 year old girl who like to sit on her shebse. I am an adventurous padawan who was willing to take risks no matter what the cost. So I'm walking into the sith temple, with my black Je'daii robes swinging in the air. I keep the hood on to prevent stares from other siths. I knew that the siths could feel that I wasn't one of them, but their enemy, a Je'daii. I reluctantly removed my hood to reveal a female, with brown wavy hair and striking blue eyes with high cheek bones. I kept my bandana covering my mouth. I had to hide my identity from them. For I was a nightsister Je'daii assassin, also known as, The Je'daii Assassin. I was aware of the Siths looking at me trying to charm me. Only they don't know that I don't charm easily. I continued walking, looking around with my piercing blue eyes looking around. Through the force, I felt a powerful presence behind. Due to instinct, I turned to face him and grabbed my lightsaber from my belt. But before I could activate it, he grips my wrist until I let go of my saber. Then he force pushes me into the wall. "Dude! Not cool!" I say. The sith just glared at me. I knew that glare. It was my old friend Thanatos. "Thanatos. Please stop. I didn't come here to fight anyone." I pleaded. I knew what he was a capable of. I knew his true power. "Who are you? And how do you know my name?" Thanatos interrogated. I scoffed. "Can't you tell the difference between an old friend and foe?" His grip loosened slightly and he pinned me against the wall with one hand while he yanked the bandana off my face, and let it drop down to my neck. I shut my eyes for a second and opened them, looking straight into his eyes. I felt his grip soften and the stares from other siths grew more intense. They knew my identity now, for I sparred with most of them. I force grabbed my saber from off the floor and clipped it onto my belt. "Why did you come back, m'lady?" asked Thanatos smoothly.  "Ace is driving me insane! Literally! Ok.. I know that all of you are Ace followers, but he is driving me insane! I'm try to train but he keeps interupting." I try to say without offending the other siths. Suddenly, through the force, I felt a familiar presence of my old Jedi master, Paul Lell.  I turned around slowly and to my surprise, he was starring at me, surprised to see his old padawan. I smiled and shot lightning at some of the siths.  Suddenly, Thanatos leaped in front of them to break up the fight that was arising. I looked around and noticed the other siths, whom weren't the target of the lightning, staring in awe to see a Je'daii Journeyer using Force Lightning. "It is good to see you, Master Lell."  I said, my throat constricting. I felt a powerful hand grip my shoulder as I used the force to calm myself down. When I looked up, it was Tyler Tala'bock, also dressed in sith robes. I felt my eyes tear up, because almost all my friends have turned to the darkside. I force push Tala'bock away from me, attempting kicking him in face, but Thanatos intervenes, grabbing my leg twisting it till I crash onto the ground. I yelp in pain as I crash into the ground, glaring at Thanatos with my ice blue eyes. Thanatos immediatly let's go of my leg and I leap up grabbing my lightsaber at the same time. I activate my sand-gold lightsaber focusing my energy on sensing my enemies around me. As I tuned into the force, I heard the clanking of boot. To be specific, Mandalorian iron boots. I turned around to see my Je'daii Master, Ijaa Night standing in the mists of half a dozen siths. The siths all of a sudden moved away from him, fanning out. "What are you doing here, my Journeyer?" Master Night asked. "Nothing, Grand Master Night. Just that  Ace was driving me insane and I was bored out of my skull." I said looking at the blue marble tile floor, slightly embarrassed. Then unexpectedly, Thanatos walks up to me, placing his hand on my shoulder saying, "Your young Journeyer won't be trouble here. I'll make sure that she won't run into trouble. She is also a great sparring partner for most of us." Thanatos assured Ijaa with a wink. The Grand Master nodded and left, using force teleportation. Thanatos patted me on the back and beckoned to me to follow him to the sparring room. "Want to do hand to hand combat or lightsaber spar?" Cory asked. "Let's do hand to hand combat." I responded. Cory lunged at me connecting his fist with my jaw. I stumble backwards spitting blood onto the floor, then hook kicks him in the stomach. The kick doesn't affect him but  it gives him the advantage. He grabs my leg by my ankle and flips me over on my back. I groan as I hit the floor and he pins me. I struggle against his weight trying to get him off me. He continues to pin me down with my arms in a surrender position.  I just blink as him kneeing him. As my knee collides with his thigh, I hear my knee crack and I gasp in pain. "Would you like to stop now, m'lady?" asks Thanatos concerned. "Do you think I do, Cory?" I say in pain. I force push him off me, using the force heal on my knee. I leap up, and kick him in the face again. Thanatos takes the blow without a word, and disapears. He apears in the corner of my eye multiple times as I look around confused. Suddenly, Thanatos drops from the celing onto me, keeping me pinned again. I continue struggling against his grasp, but he places more pressure onto my arms. I immediatly stop fighting against him as I felt my arms become numb. Thantos lightens his grip a little, but it is strong enough to keep me pinned. All of a sudden, Thanatos picks me up, placing me in a friendly headlock. "Thanatos, is the headlock even necessary?" I wonder. "No. It isn't." Thanatos says as he releases me, but aims a stun gun at my back. I struggle to stop smiling, because I knew that he was playing around. I slowly raise my hands in a sign of surrendering. Thanatos smiles back at me, lowering his weapon. He suddenly tackles me onto the ground. I struggle against his grip, smiling. He grips my wrist tighter so I can't struggle against him without hurting myself. I stop struggling but I knee him. He takes the blow, using the force to keep me steady. "You haven't changed one bit." replies Thanatos. I began to laugh at that thought. "I realized that. Actually, I did change. Remember that Je'daii Master Ijaa Night, well he is reaching me some sith techniques. I also have a fiancée, Jaster Cilzer ."  That shocked Thanatos because I was 18 and I never thought about dating. He released me and I pealed myself from the floor. I began to giggle playfully as he made a face directed at me. Boy, was he good with children, I thought. I punched him in the shoulder and ran off. He raced after me while I screamed my lungs out in the Sith temple. We both attracted attention from the siths in the temple. I was soon out of breath and Thanatos easily caught up to me. He easily picked me up, flipping me upside down. I thrashed around like a fish out of water while I screamed till my face was red. Thanatos flipped me onto the ground, placing his hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming bloody murder. I began to calm down, looking with pleading eyes. Thanatos decided to take extra precaution, stuffing my bandana into my mouth. He then flipped me over his shoulder, carrying me back to his room as if I were a sack of cotton. I stopped squirming, biting my lower lip. When we reached him room, he unlocked his room one-handed, holding me with his other hand. He walked into his room, which had the smell of stale alcohol, blaster discharge, motor oil, and maleness that I wasn't use to. The room was clustered with exotic weapons ranging from Verpine Snipers to Lightwhips. He plops me on the bed, tying my legs together. He begins to smile softly. "Samantha, you should know that it isn't smart to mess with me. You know better than to punch me then run away." I just stared at him, looking for an escape route as my Je'daii Master taught me. Thanatos saw my eyes wandering while he was talking, so he gently placed his hand on my jaw, lightly, making me face him. His smile creeps up even larger on his face. He then takes out the bandana out of my mouth, which is now soggy with saliva. He releases his grip on my jaw as I spat on the ground - still having Thanatos in my way - trying to get rid of the gritty and sweaty taste from my mouth. Thanatos chuckled, placing his hand on my shoulder, helping me up. He untied my bound feet, letting me sit up. I dangled my legs over the side of his bed, looking around the room curiously. He stands from his kneeing position, sitting next to me on the bed. Then, he places one hand on top of mine, looking me in the eyes. "Dalyc'vod, ni kir'manir gar" he said. I looked at him a little confused, but I later understood him. He has officially adopted him as his little sister! I leaned over, giving him a tight hug. He smiled, hugging me back, giving me a kiss on the cheek. I scooted over, closer to him, resting my head on his pectoral muscles.  He begins to smile lightly, playing with my hair gently. I just stay where I am, letting him mess with my hair. I fall asleep on him, yawning. The last thing that I know of is that my robes were taken off me and someone had tucked me into a soft bed. Warm blankets surrounded me and I instantly fell asleep. 
   When I woke up, Thanatos was snoring beside me. I rolled off the bed carefully so I wouldn't wake up my older brother. I landed on the floor with a thud. Thanatos sprang up from his deep slumber, grabbing his Verpine Shatter-pistol, aiming it at me. I rolled over so I was lying on my back and seeing the business end of the Verpine Pistol. Thanatos immediately withdraws his blaster and I stand to my feet, looking sheepishly at him. "Sorry brother." He then uses the force to levitate me, drawing me closer to him. I looked at him in bewilderment. As he drew me closer, his hands come up, tickling me. I tried not to laugh, but I though, just this once. His finger darts all over my ticklish spots, tickling me all over. I begin to struggle for air as I continue to laugh. My face turns red. "Thanatos... Stop.. Stop!!!" I struggled to say as he continued to tickle me. He drops me on top of him, stopping the tickles. I was slightly hyperventilating, drawing in as much oxygen as I could. I buried my face in Thanatos' shirt,  breathing hard. He begins to wrap his strong arms around me, holding me tight. "That won't happen again. I just felt like you needed to laugh." I rolled my eyes. "Uh yea. Sure." a smile creeped up on my face, cuddling him. Thanatos' strong arms squeezed me tight, and I finally felt safe. I knew that. I was in safe arms once again.

I did this on my itouch, so sorry that there aren't proper spacings and proper stuff.. LOL.  
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Love in the Sith Temple
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