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 Sith Playing Sabacc

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PostSubject: Sith Playing Sabacc   Thu Sep 20, 2012 4:19 pm

Fun little fanfic I wrote a while ago, featuring Palpatine, Count Dooku, Lumiya, and Darth Caedus.
P. S. Two hundred and one posts!!!

Four humans sat in a small, dark room. These humans had committed horrendous crimes against the galaxy. These humans were late Sith lords.

“ I can’t believe Vader didn’t get stuck down here.” Count Dooku remarked.
“ Guess it pays to get redeemed.” Darth Caedus said.
“ Even if you had been redeemed, Jacen; I think they still would of thrown you down here.” the only woman in the room said.
“ Don’t call me Jacen, Lumiya!” Darth Caedus, a.k.a. Jacen Solo, snapped at her.
“ It takes a special kind of Sith to get Luke Skywalker all riled up. Palpy couldn’t even do it.” Dooku said.
“ She was my hand I ordered her to KILL him.” Palpatine thundered.
“ Do you mean you didn’t plan for there to be a clone she could kill instead?” Lumiya asked innocently.
“ No! I didn’t plan for her to marry him either!” Palpatine snapped.
“ Hey! Are we going to play sabacc or sit around and argue?” Jacen asked.
“ This is better than when we actually play sabacc.” Dooku said.
“ I wouldn’t know this is my first sabacc night here.” Jacen said defensively.
“ If you were a decent Sith Lord you would still be alive.” Palpatine said.
“ Its not my fault my sister killed me.”Jacen complained.
“ It is your fault, Jacen. You let your anger master you.” Lumiya commented softly.
“ You know what I’m sick of this yelling. Solo, you deal.” Dooku said.
“ Ok.” Jacen said.
“ Whoa! No! What are you trying to do, Dooku. I’m not letting him deal.” Palpatine stated.
“ I wasn’t trying to do anything. I just thought Jacen wouldn’t be cheating on his first night here. I don’t want you or Lumiya dealing; because I know you two cheat.” Dooku said calmly.
“ What makes you think I cheat, Dooku?” Lumiya asked.
“ Well, Lumiya, what about last sabacc night? Where you won every game.” Dooku accused.
“ Hey! I don’t know about you but I actually want to play sabacc.” Jacen said.
“ Well, who’s going to deal?” Palatine asked getting impatient.
“ Lets decide how we usually do.” Lumiya stated.
“ How do you usually decide?” Jacen asked glancing at his companions who were now removing their cloaks and lightsabers.
“ You duel?” Jacen asked in disbelief “ I love it here!”
“ Ground rules. No Force powers and its to the death.” Palpatine said igniting his lightsaber.
“ Wait its to the death? We’re all dead.” Jacen pointed out.
“That’s why it works. Okay, Jacen against me ,then Palpatine against Lumiya. Then the winners duel.” Dooku explained.
“ Lets do it.” Jacen said taking out his lightsaber.
“ Hold on. Have to make sure the Wookie is asleep.” Lumiya said.
“ Wookie?” Jacen asked.
“ Yes, Wookie. He came by one time and ripped my arms out.” Palpatine said.
“ Wookies aren’t that bad. I grew up around one.” Jacen said nonchalantly.
“ Was that Wookie’s name Chewbacca?” Dooku asked.
“ Yes.” Jacen replied looking slightly nervous.
“So is this one’s. You don’t have to worry ,though. The jail guard is asleep.” Lumiya said.
“ Are you ready, Jacen.” Dooku asked.
“ Ready.” Jacen replied.
“ Last duel he was in he died.” Palpatine said with slight disgust.
“ Ready? Begin.” Lumiya said quickly getting out of the way.
For the first few moments of the duel, the two combatants surveyed the others weaknesses. Then Jacen lunged, it was hurried and sloppy, and Dooku easily parried the attack. It was then Dooku’s turn to attack. He started slow then got progressively faster, as Jacen blocked each one solidly. Jacen slowly, but surely, started to gain the upper hand ,and soon enough Jacen had made Dooku lose his head, literally.
“ I won.” Jacen stated as he deactivated his lightsaber. Dooku groaned as he fixed his head back onto his shoulders.
“ De-ja-vu, Dooku?” Palpatine asked sneering.
“ Shut up.” Dooku snarled.
“ I agree with Dooku. Being decapitated is not pleasant.” Lumiya said, “ What are you laughing at, Jacen?”
“ Nothing, Lumiya.” Jacen answered stifling a laugh.
“ Palpatine, Lumiya, your turn.” Dooku said rubbing his neck.
“ You have to say ‘go’.” Palpatine said drawing his lightsaber.
“ Go.” Dooku said.
And go they did. Palpatine decided to go on the offensive, forcing Lumiya to defend. Lumiya then switched to attack, her blows connecting swiftly and solidly and stabbing Palpatine in the heart.
“ Nicely done, Lumiya.” Dooku said clapping.
“ Thank you. How he became emperor I’ll never know.” she said looking at Palpatine, who was getting to his feet.
“ I had a brilliant plan.” Palpatine said defensively.
“ Well, Lumiya, looks like you’ll be killed by a descendant of Darth Vader, again.”
“ Jacen, do you realize all of us were killed by Skywalker blood?” Lumiya asked coldly.
“ Sith lords don’t do to well around Skywalkers.” Dooku observed.
“ Stop babbling about Skywalkers and fight.” Palpatine said getting impatient.
“ Yes, Jacen, care to put your credits where your mouth is?” Lumiya asked.
“ Lumiya, we don’t have credits here.” Jacen pointed out.
“ Just fight already!” Palpatine and Dooku said together. Lumiya calmly drew her lightsaber; Jacen then followed suit.
“ No lightwhip?” Jacen asked.
“ Not allowed for these duels, sadly.” Lumiya said with a slight frown.
Jacen didn’t know Lumiya’s fighting style, and to be honest ,he was expecting Palpatine to win. Unsure what to do he decided to let Lumiya make the first move. Which she did, feigning left then going right. Jacen could sense her fake and didn’t fall for it. Jacen parried easily letting the Force guide him. Palpatine and Dooku watched eagerly from the sidelines.
“ Poor Lumiya. I wouldn’t have wanted to train him as a Sith.” Dooku said sympathetically as Jacen fought Lumiya back against the cell wall.
“ You would’ve thought he would have learned not to follow Vader’s path.” Palpatine remarked.
“ Shut up, you’re distracting me.” Jacen said irritably glancing at them for a second. A second was all Lumiya needed, as she gracefully pinned Jacen against the wall, and sliced him neatly in half. Palpatine looked at Dooku and groaned.
“ Looks like I’m dealing again.” Lumiya said bragging.
“ That hurt.” Jacen complained.
“ You get used to it.” Dooku said.
“ I think that duel was rigged.” Jacen accused.
“ Why do you think that?” Dooku asked.
“ You and Palpatine were talking, that’s why.” Jacen said.
“ We do that with all the newbies.” Palpatine said, “ It’s a Sith tradition.”
“ Really?” Jacen asked uncertainly.
“ Yes, Jacen, now shut up and sit down. I’m dealing.” Lumiya said impatiently.
“ Go, Lumiya.”Jacen said. As Lumiya dealt, Jacen was sure to keep an eye on his sabacc partners. Just in case they decided to cheat.
“ Lumiya, you skipped me.” Dooku complained.
“ No, I didn’t.” Lumiya said.
“ You did skip him, Lumiya.” Palpatine said coming to Dooku’s aid.
“ Do you think I cheated, Jacen?” Lumiya asked sweetly.
“ Huh?” Jacen said quickly putting the cards he was looking at down.
“ Those are my cards!” Palpatine exclaimed.
“ What cards?” Jacen asked as he used the Force to levitate the cards back to Palpy.
“ The cards floating in the air!” Palpatine said his temper rising quickly.
“ That’s it!” Dooku said rising from his chair, “ I refuse to play sabacc with someone who can’t even cheat properly!”
“ Hey, calm down, Dooku. Remember my first sabacc night?” Palpatine asked.
“ Yes.” Dooku said still standing.
“ How I used the oldest cheat in the book, and you still played?” Palpatine continued.
“ Yes.” Dooku replied.
“ So?” Palpatine prodded
“ I’ll stay. As long as there are no more pathetic attempts to cheat.” Dooku stated as he sat down.
“ But, seriously, Vader should be down here too.” Dooku said.
“ Oh, yes, that will work really well. The same guy who killed two of the men in here.” Lumiya said rolling her eyes.
“ Vader killed Dooku too.” Jacen said eyes widening, “ Can I hear this story?”
“ No.” Dooku said quickly.
“ Might as well tell him, Dooku, or I will.” Palpatine said.
“ Maybe another night.” Dooku said.
“ Why not now?” Lumiya asked.
“ This is why.” Dooku said laying down his cards, “Sabacc.”
As sabacc night draws to a close, Jacen draws his lightsaber and cuts off Dooku’s hand.

The End.
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PostSubject: Re: Sith Playing Sabacc   Thu Sep 20, 2012 7:02 pm

Very Happy The poor Sith....Nice R2!
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Sith Playing Sabacc
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