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 The New Padawan

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PostSubject: The New Padawan    Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:23 pm

Hey, so I've had this plot in head my ever since Ahsoka left the the Order. Thanks to Tahiri for looking over it for me Smile I'll try to update when I can Smile Hope you like it!


It had been two and a half years since Ahsoka Tano had left the Jedi Order. Her former Master Anakin Skywalker still had a small part of his heart that would always house the love for that snippy Padawan. But for the most part he had moved on though he always thought about Ahsoka and sometimes he even caught himself looking over his shoulder to say something to the person who wasn't there or in battle protecting his right side when a stray blaster bolt came trying to keep it from the young Togruta but only seeing the appreciated nod of a clone trooper.

When Ahsoka had left the council had given Anakin a week off duty to get his head and heart back to normal. Now two and half years later the war was still raging on the Separatist and Republic playing tug-a-war with planets around the galaxy. The council decided that Anakin and his troops deserved a break to day was the last day of that break and Anakin was heading to the council chambers to receive new orders.

When Anakin got to the chambers he walked to the middle of the room and bowed many of the seats where empty others there only filled with holograms of the Masters that occupied those seats. "You wanted to see me Masters?" Anakin said.

"Yes, young Skywalker another mission for you and your men we do." Master Yoda said.

"Your spies have informed us that the Separatist will be attacking a small village on Shili, we need you to stop them." Mace Windu explained. Anakin nodded.

"Anakin, you will be leaving tomorrow morning for Shili." Obi-Wan said. To Anakin he look nerves.

"Very well, Masters I will get my men ready." Anakin was half into a bow when Yoda raised a hand.

"Something else there is Skywalker." The Grand Master said waving a hand to someone behind Anakin. A tall red headed girl came up beside him. Her bright hair was pulled back in a ponytail a Padawan braid laying over her right shoulder, she wore traditional Jedi robes of a dark brown/red and sandy white. He looked down at her she was tall but Anakin was taller as she only came to his shoulder. Anakin raised a eyebrow at her.

"Anakin, this is your new Padawan, Riley Vern." Obi-Wan said kinda shyly knowing his former Padawan would not like these change of events, at all. Anakin's head shot up and over to look at the Masters with a shocked expression. "What?!" He yelled. Anakin looked back down at the girl - Riley - who was now looking up at him eyebrows raised, dark green eyes looking into his own blue. Anakin turned his attention back to the council.

"Why? I never asked for another Padawan. I would never want one in the first place after Ahsoka." Anakin said saying her name softly his fist clenched.

"We thought it would be a good thing for you Anakin. You did like teaching Ahsoka." Obi-Wan said trying to calm down his friend but not working.

"Yeah teaching, Ahsoka. Your pushing this kid on me like you did with Ahsoka!"

"Master Skywalker, I'm a fast learner and will listen to you orders as you give them." Riley said her voice low and gruff. Anakin did not look at her

"She will be going with you to Shili." Windu said leaving no room for argument. Anakin growled then turned and left the chambers without bowing. Riley watched him leave amazed at the anger in him.

"Go with him, Padawan but keep your distance for a while." Obi-Wan said. Riley nodded and bowed then ran after her new master. Riley finally caught up to Anakin staying a few steps behind him as they walked to the hanger bay. She had heard of the famous Hero With No Fear the Chosen One of the Jedi. When she was a kid the younglings would make up stories about him, making up theories from what they would hear. It shocked her how much anger she felt coming off him right now.

They had been talking about Ahsoka Tano, Master Skywalker's pervious Padawan who had left the Jedi order some years ago. He must had a very strong bound with her if he had not want another Padawan after all these years. Riley thought. They soon got to the hanger, this was the same hanger bay that had started all that mess two and a half years ago.

Anakin spotted Captain Rex, his second in command, standing near a gunship talking with several of his brothers. When the clones saw the look of rage on Anakin's face they fled leaving Rex to deal with their fuming General. Rex stood there his helmet under his arm waiting for orders, but he could not help but see a red headed girl walking behind Anakin. Was she the reason he was all mad? Rex thought to himself.

"Rex, we are leaving for Shili tomorrow morning. Make sure your men are ready." Anakin said trying to keep the anger out of his voice so he could talk civilly to his Captain.

"Very well, sir." Rex said. He looked again at the teenage girl standing behind Anakin. "Um, sir? Is the youngling coming with us?" He asked. Anakin turned around to look at Riley. She smiled and gave a small wave, Anakin growled under his breath saying. "Yes she is coming with us." Riley stepped forward and bowed.

"I'm Riley Vern, Master Skywalker's new Padawan." She said. Both Anakin and Rex had a flashback to when they first met Ahsoka

"I'm Master Skywalker's Padawan, the names Ahsoka Tano."

"Well it’s nice to meet you commander. I'm Captain Rex of the 105st." Rex said. Riley nodded and smiled. "I can't wait to work alongside you Captain." Rex looked over at Anakin who had his arms folded over his chest looking out to the open hanger doors where speeders zoomed past.

After another minute Anakin turned. "We'll meet you hear Rex at 0700 hours. To go up to the cruiser." He said walking away, Rex saluted. "Yes, sir."

Riley watched her Master leave. He really doesn’t like me. She thought sadly. "Come on young one, keep up." Anakin said over his shoulder. Riley's eyes grew and she ran to stand beside her new Master. As one snippy Padawan would say; "Here's where the fun begins."

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PostSubject: Re: The New Padawan    Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:18 pm

Awesome so far! Very Happy Love it! Can't wait to see what happens!!
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PostSubject: Re: The New Padawan    Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:21 pm

Thanks so much, Ahsoka!!
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PostSubject: Re: The New Padawan    

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The New Padawan
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